About Us

Rachael Durbin started The Edible Flower Shop after leaving her full-time job and starting to work from home when she had her sons. The idea for The Edible Flower Shop was inspired by a dinner out at a local pub many years ago where they served beautiful salad garnishes adorned with flowers.

She wanted to find out more and found that this was easier said than done; the garden centres had very few packets of seeds which identified varieties of edible flowers, and she was not confident that she could pick out the right ones herself. Also there was very limited information about which recipes worked best with which flowers.

Whilst it sounds corny to say it…. the seed was sown for a wonderful business idea.

Rachael soon discovered that locally in Devon there were a couple of like minded businesses. Jill from Meadowsweet Flowers selling wonderful hand crystallised edible flowers and me, Jan from Maddocks Farm Organics selling fresh organic edible flowers. The businesses supported each other by referring customers to and fro and friendships were forged.

In 2016 Rachael regretfully decided that it was time to move on from The Edible Flower and I was thrilled to become involved.  Thank you Rachael. It is such a lovely company, so packed with information and still growing. If there are any other flowers, herbs or vegetables you would like to see added to our range then please let me know. Any comments you have are welcomed.

If you would like to buy ready crystallised edible flowers or fresh. Please do click on the links above. If you are ready to grow your own then you are exactly in the right place.

Happy eating!

Jan Billington

Maddocks Farm Organics’ edible flowers used on dishes at The Jack in the Green Exeter