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Soft cheeses work really well with individual petals

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Edible Flowers & Companion Planting

Chive Flowers and a happy bee

I had an email today asking me about edible flowers and companion planting and it reminded me that I have long been intending to compile a list of edible flowers which can be used for companion planting.    I have got … Continue reading

Meet us at The Edible Garden Show

We are excited to announce that we will be at The Edible Garden Show in Alexandra Palace, 28-30 March 2014. The show is a fantastic opportunity to find out about all elements of edible gardening, including vegetables, foraging for wild … Continue reading

Sorry for the lack of blogging!!

Just to say that despite all good intentions I have failed to find enough time to sit down and write much recently – I have been so busy doing the day to day elements of running the business and looking … Continue reading

Free seed giveaway!

We currently have a giveaway on our Facebook page – eight of our most popular packs of edible flower seeds with recipe booklets free to one lucky person! Find us on Facebook to enter.

Beautiful edible confetti…

Just had to share these beautiful photos sent to me by a lovely customer in Italy who has grown and dried her own edible flower confetti.  I know she is going to be doing some more in the future so … Continue reading

Gorgeous confetti flower cakes

I have been having a bit of a peruse through the internet this afternoon, and got completely sidetracked on Facebook (as you do!) and found these lovely cakes made by DidiCakes using cornflower and calendula petals.  How lovely do these … Continue reading

Cornflower Coloured Cupcakes!

Cupcakes decorated with dried cornflower petals

I have been having a bit of a play with my dried cornflower petals this weekend as I had a request from my toddler for some “blue and pink cakes”.  I am not too keen on him eating food with … Continue reading

Autumn is the time to sow some hardy edible flowers…..

Hardy annuals


Edible Flowers to Sow in July

Viola, Sorbet Coconut Duet

We are well in to summer now, even if the weather might sometimes tell you otherwise.! However,  there are still plenty of edible flowers that you can sow in July and August to fill your garden or windowbox with beautiful … Continue reading

Kale Flower & Lemon Spaghetti

Kale flowers

Are you wondering what to do with your kale flowers once your kale plant has begun to bolt or nears the end of its life?  Kale flowers provide you with a delicious, nutrituous and colourful second crop which should never … Continue reading

Edible Flowers to Sow in June

Daisy "Galaxy White" gives a beautiful spring display

It might already be summer but it is not too late to sow more edible flowers to fill your garden with beautiful and delicious flowers. See your garden in a whole new way and get eating those flowers!! Borage is … Continue reading

Edible Flowers to Sow in May


Spring is well and truly here and there are plenty of beautiful and delicious flowers you can plant right now….. Borage is a very decorative plant which grows quickly and easily and provides beautiful blue, star-shaped flowers throughout summer. The … Continue reading

Your Perfect Garden

"Your Perfect Garden"

Read all about us in the inspirational new magazine, Your Perfect Garden……

Easter Primrose Cake

Easter Primrose Cake

Add some sugared Wild Primroses to your Easter Primrose Cake for a delicious and beautiful Easter treat. Ingredients: 175g light brown caster sugar 175g butter, room temperature 175g self raising flour 3 large eggs 25g ground almonds 2 tbsp milk … Continue reading

Edible Flowers to Sow in April

Garlic Chives have delicate star-shaped flowers

Spring is here and summer is on the way! There is a wide range of edible flowers you can sow in April so start planning your delicious and beautiful edible flower garden now…. Broad Bean, Bunyards Exhibition has flowers which … Continue reading

How to Make Natural Food Colouring

Fairy cakes with natural food colouring

Never again do you need to buy food colouring, or use artificially created colours.  Growing and making your own natural food colouring is incredibly easy with edible flowers. Children love to decorate cakes and biscuits with brightly coloured icing but … Continue reading

Edible Flowers to Sow in March

Viola "Heartsease" is sweet tasting and beautiful to look at

Spring is nearly here and summer is on the way! Find out here which edible flowers you can sow in March, and start planning your delicious and beautiful edible flower garden…. Broad Bean, Bunyards Exhibition has flowers which are simply … Continue reading

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Edible Flowers to Sow in February

Time to start sowing your edible flowers

Hooray, spring is getting closer! Find out here which edible flowers you can sow in February and start planning your edible flower garden…. Broad Bean, Bunyards Exhibition has flowers which are simply delicious; they have a lovely sweet, fresh bean … Continue reading

Customer Comments

“I’ve been meaning to send you a note with feedback from my friend that I bought the gift pack for… She absolutely loved it!  She thought that the content, packaging and information were all excellent.  She loved the bag it … Continue reading

How to Make Sugared Petal Crush

Use petal crush to decorate cakes

<a href=" pour”>Make beautifully decorated cakes or desserts by adding a little of your own sugared petal crush. Separate the petals from the flowers.  Petals are easily removed by cutting the base of the flower head through the calyx … Continue reading

How to Sugar your Flowers

Sugared Dianthus petals

Once you have sown and grown your own edible flowers, one of the most satisfying and beautiful ways to use them is to sugar them. Sugared flowers are fantastic for decorating cakes or desserts, or as a striking addition to … Continue reading

New range of Dianthus…

Strawberry Parfait make a striking impact in the garden

We are pleased to have added three new Dianthus to our range of flowers, Super Parfait Raspberry, Super Parfait Strawberry and Super Parfait Red Peppermint. These beautiful flowers are ideal for decorating and garnishing sweet and savoury dishes, and excellent … Continue reading

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Unusual Gift Vouchers

Gift Vouchers

Looking for unusual gift vouchers? We now have unusual Gift Vouchers available to buy online so you can buy a unique gift for friends and family while at the same time letting them choose their own favourite edible flowers. We … Continue reading

Free Seeds!

Kitchen Garden - December 2012

In conjunction with Kitchen Garden Magazine we are giving away 15 sets of 5 packets of seeds this month. Anyone wishing to have the chance to choose 5 packets of seeds for themselves should do so via Kitchen Garden Magazine … Continue reading

Chive Flower Butter

Freshly picked chive flowers

Chive Flower Butter is a really quick and easy way to enjoy chive flowers and can be used to add colour and flavour to savoury snacks and dishes. Start by collecting a small bunch of chive flowers by cutting off … Continue reading

Ruby Country Market

We will be at Ruby Country Market in Hatherleigh on Saturday 1 December 2012.  Find us in the Food Hall. Check out their website for a full programme of events and to find out who else will be there.  There … Continue reading

Edible Flowers to Sow in October

Cowslips are an edible flower

Many people think that nothing can be grown at this time of year, but they would be wrong! Wild flowers are particularly suited to sowing in the autumn as they require a period of cold weather to encourage them to … Continue reading

Hello and welcome…..

Hello and welcome to The Edible Flower Shop. Over the coming months I will be adding exciting news and articles about the wonderful world of edible flowers. In the meantime, why not sign up to the newsletter to make sure … Continue reading