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Soft cheeses work really well with individual petals

Why buy cialis on the internet is really beneficial for you? So you’ve decided to order cialis and do not know where to start? We can give you some advice. First, ask your doctor for advice in order to properly … Continue reading

Edible Flowers & Companion Planting

Chive Flowers and a happy bee

I had an email today asking me about edible flowers and companion planting and it reminded me that I have long been intending to compile a list of edible flowers which can be used for companion planting.    I have got … Continue reading

Cornflower Coloured Cupcakes!

Cupcakes decorated with dried cornflower petals

I have been having a bit of a play with my dried cornflower petals this weekend as I had a request from my toddler for some “blue and pink cakes”.  I am not too keen on him eating food with … Continue reading

How to Make Natural Food Colouring

Fairy cakes with natural food colouring

Never again do you need to buy food colouring, or use artificially created colours.  Growing and making your own natural food colouring is incredibly easy with edible flowers. Children love to decorate cakes and biscuits with brightly coloured icing but … Continue reading

How to Make Sugared Petal Crush

Use petal crush to decorate cakes

<a href=" pour”>Make beautifully decorated cakes or desserts by adding a little of your own sugared petal crush. Separate the petals from the flowers.  Petals are easily removed by cutting the base of the flower head through the calyx … Continue reading

How to Sugar your Flowers

Sugared Dianthus petals

Once you have sown and grown your own edible flowers, one of the most satisfying and beautiful ways to use them is to sugar them. Sugared flowers are fantastic for decorating cakes or desserts, or as a striking addition to … Continue reading