Chive Flower Butter

Freshly picked chive flowers

Chive Flower Butter is a really quick and easy way to enjoy chive flowers and can be used to add colour and flavour to savoury snacks and dishes.

Start by collecting a small bunch of chive flowers by cutting off the stalks near the base of the plant.  You will find that each flower head is made up from individual florets which can be easily separated by pulling apart, or crumbling the flowers by hand.  Discard the stalk, which will be woody and inedible.Chive flower florets

Mix the florets with butter which is already at room temperature. Add the mixture to either to a small ramekin, or roll within clingfilm to create a small sausage shape which can be sliced later on to give small discs Chive flower butterof flavoured butter. Return the butter to the fridge to set.  The butter is best prepared at least a few hours beforehand to allow the flavours to develop.

Not sure what to do with the butter once you have made it?  Try adding to a baked potato for a quick and tasty meal; serve on a piece of grilled fish or steak for a little extra flavour; place under the skin of a chicken before roasting for moist and flavoursome chicken and gravy, use it to add taste to sandwiches, or a dish of lightly steamed vegetables just before serving.

Chives are one of the easiest and quickest to grow of our edible flower range.  A great edible flower to grow if you are new to gardening, have limited space or want to add distinctive flavour to savoury dishes.



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