Cornflower Coloured Cupcakes!

I have been having a bit of a play with my dried cornflower petals this weekend as I had a request from my toddler for some “blue and pink cakes”.  I am not too keen on him eating food with artificial food colouring so tried out a few ideas to use my dried cornflower petals.  Here are the results so far…..

Cupcakes decorated with dried cornflower petals

I am not that great at decorating cakes to be honest but I think for a first go these are pretty good – they certainly taste yummy and I love the colours.  I have used three different cornflowers to get these colours: – Blue, Black (makes a dark purple when crushed), and Red.

Cupcakes decorated with dried cornflower petals

These cakes were decorated simply by sprinkling on a few whole dried cornflower petals on to wet icing.  As the icing dries the cornflower petals stay in place.

Cupcakes with ground cornflower petal colouring

These cakes were coloured by grinding up some dried petals in a pestle and mortar.  I then simply sprinkled some of the coloured powder on to the plain icing whilst it was still wet.

Cornflower coloured icing

Finally, I added some of the ground-up dried cornflower petals in to some icing and mixed together.  These cakes have been decorated using the black  (made the red/purple colour) and blue petals.  I did have a cake with the icing coloured by the red petals as well (makes a lovely pink colour) but someone in my family has already eaten it!!




We have all three of the above colours of dried cornflower petals to make your own cake decorations or coloured icing in our shop.  All the cornflowers were grown and dried by us in Devon.

Alternatively, to grow your own cornflowers then try our cornflower seeds, which all come with an eight page leaflet teaching you how to grow the flowers and ideas on how to cook with them.  Now is a great time to plant cornflowers.  Get them sown in September and with any luck you will have loads of cornflowers by next June…..