Customer Comments

“I’ve been meaning to send you a note with feedback from my friend that I bought the gift pack for…
She absolutely loved it!  She thought that the content, packaging and information were all excellent.  She loved the bag it came in, which made it look very special, so all in all, a great success!”
KM. Devon. Jan 2013.
“Hello The Edible Flower Shop!  Here are pictures of my flowers that I grew, on my window sill and on my little balcony. Planted 7th April and they were grew flowers around the 29th May. I’ve been using them in salads mostly, but then made my husband Jon a Fathers day cake from me and his two boys logan and Demitrius.  Of course he was pleased and we shared the cake with friends too and they all want to know where I got my flowers from! ‘Well I got the seeds from The Edible Flower shop!’ I tell them. They are so delicate with a mild sweet flavour so perfect for not over powering the flavours of the cake whilst making it look gorgeous!
Thank you so much!
Instructions were easy, they were easy to grow and your customer service was brilliant. Will buy more soon!”
J.B. Hampshire. June 2013.