Edible Flowers to Sow in February

Hooray, spring is getting closer!

Find out here which edible flowers you can sow in February and start planning your edible flower garden….

Broad Bean Flowers, Bunyards ExhibitionBroad Bean, Bunyards Exhibition has flowers which are simply delicious; they have a lovely sweet, fresh bean flavour and look beautiful on many savoury dishes. People often overlook their broad bean flowers in the vegetable garden and miss out on a real treat. To get the best from your crop, start planting now, and keep sowing every few weeks, so that you can enjoy a harvest of broad beans and broad bean flowers from May onwards.


Dianthus "Arctic Fire" produces many delicate flowersDianthus, Arctic Fire produces a carpet of delightful white and red flowers which are well suited to any sized garden. This dwarf dianthus is great for providing ground cover in the garden, but will also grow well in a container. The delicate flowers are lovely when used to garnish any food, whether sweet or savoury. They are make stunning additions to cake and biscuits, particularly when they have been sugared.


Dianthus "Flashing Light" produces large numbers of bright red flowersDianthus, Flashing Light is a miniature dianthus, great for any size garden, with striking deep red flowers on a low lying bushy plant.  Flashing Light is ideal for providing ground cover in the garden but will grow equally well in containers. The delicate flowers make lovely colourful additions to salads and when used to decorate cakes and sweet dishes. Seed sown in early spring should produce flowers in its first summer.


Strawberry Parfait make a striking impact in the gardenDianthus, Parfait (Strawberry, Raspberry and Red Peppermint) is a selection of three extremely pretty dianthus with colourful white, pink and red petals.  Dianthus are popular edible flowers which make lovely additions to salads, and are ideal for sugaring to add to cakes and desserts for unusual and colourful decorations.  A compact plant which grows up to 15cm tall; they are perfect for containers and small gardens.


French Marigolds can give you a colourful show from June to OctoberFrench Marigolds, such as Durango Bolero, Bee, Flame, Gold, Orange, and Yellow, with their distinctive flamboyant appearance make a striking contribution to any garden, big or small. These easy to grow annuals are perfect for borders, as bedding plants, in containers and in the vegetable garden. The fragrant flowers also have a number of culinary uses and their mild citrus taste makes them perfect for both sweet and savoury dishes.


LavenderLavenders Munstead and Hidcote are both culinary lavenders, which, with their striking violet-blue spikes and lovely green-grey, fragrant foliage are a must for any edible flower garden. These perennials are suitable for any size or type of garden, and has a wide range of culinary uses, both sweet and savoury.  Lavender is also particularly well suited to drying, for use at any time of the year.


The leaves and flowers of Mexican Tarragon are both edibleMexican Tarragon is a beautiful herb which is often grown as a substitute for French Tarragon. The leaves have an anise-like flavour, with the plant also producing small flavoursome, bright yellow flowers. The plant is native to Mexico and Central America and, as such, is suitable for growing in warmer conditions and is particularly well suited to growing indoors on a sunny windowsill, or within a greenhouse or conservatory


<a href="http://theedibleflowershop.co achat pfizer viagra.uk/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/Delicious-sweet-mangetout-pea-flowers.jpg”>Delicious sweet purple pea flowersPea Flowers, including Carouby de Maussane and Oregon Sugar are an easy to grow annual vegetable which produce two delicious crops; firstly the sweet tasting and delicate flowers and secondly the tasty peas. Carouby de Maussane provides delicate pink and purple flowers, while Oregon Sugar grows lovely, sweet, white flowers. Both also produce delicious tasting mangetout peas later in the season.


Radish flowersRadishes, including French Breakfast and Scarlet Globe, are most commonly grown only for their edible root but few know that the entire plant is edible. The flowers have four petals each, roughly arranged in a cross shape. Radishes are probably one of the quickest, easiest vegetables and edible flowers to grow. Radish flowers make lovely tasty additions to salads and savoury dishes and allow you to make the most of radish root crops which have gone past their best.


Viola Sorbet Raspberry has beautiful purple flowersViola, Sorbet Raspberry is a brighly coloured Viola Cornuta which flowers with striking deep raspberry red/purple colour petals for most of the year, providing much needed colour and interest to the winter garden in mild conditions. Violas are popular edible flowers, with a wide range of culinary uses. They are most commonly used to decorate cakes and desserts, are ideal for sugaring and beautiful when scattered over salads or used as a garnish.