Edible Flowers to Sow in October

Many people think that nothing can be grown at this time of year, but they would be wrong! Wild flowers are particularly suited to sowing in the autumn as they require a period of cold weather to encourage them to germinate in the spring.  Primulas, including Cowslips and Wild Primroses are two such examples which will provide you with much needed colour at the end of winter and a sure sign that spring is on its way!

Cowslips are an edible flowerThe cowslip is a hardy perennial with tall stems and clusters of small yellow tubular shaped flowers.  They have been used for centuries in many ways, including in the making of vinegars, syrups and in cake and dessert decoration.   Recipes included with our seeds include details on how to sugar your flowers to make beautiful sweet tasting cake decorations, Cowslip and Orange Drizzle Cake and how to make Cowslip Butter and Cowslip Syrup.

Wild Primroses are an edible flowerWild Primroses are also popular edible flowers for use in baking.  This pretty wildflower, native to Britain, provides delicately scented, pale yellow flowers for the garden and the plate.  This herbaceous perennial is popular with those keen on cake decoration, as they are particularly suited to sugaring.   The young leaves are also edible and can be added to salads or used as a green vegetable.   Recipes inside our growing and eating guide include instructions on how to sugar your flowers, Easter Primrose Cake, Primrose Pottage and Honey and Primrose Cupcakes.

Primulas can be sown any time between September and December so there is still time to order your Cowslip and Wild Primrose seeds and recipe guides, and get planting…




  1. Jane says:

    I wonder if you can tell me if it is ok to eat coloured primulas ( polyanthas) as well as wild primroses?

    1. Hello Jane. My understanding is that every Polyanthus is edible. If you are intending to eat any flowers which you have in your garden, please do be absolutely certain of that they are before trying them. I will be adding a range of new Polyanthus colours to my collection very soon and will keep you updated.