Environmental Policy


  • We work from our Devon Farm, so our home is also our office. Obviously this means that the only fuel we use when travelling to work is manpower!
  • Nearly all deliveries to our office are via Royal Mail, which are thereby combined with other postal deliveries to other houses in the village.
  • All your purchases will be sent via the local post office. Only one fuel mile to think about!
  • We grow our own edible flowers in our front garden, and on our allotment, which is a brisk walk from home to the edge of the village.


  • Our office electricity comes from photovoltaic cells and our water is solar heated. Our water comes from a bore hole and is treated using UV filters. Our waste water is naturally filtered through a reed bed filtration system. We have an electric car charging point.


  • We try to ensure that all communications between us and others are undertaken, in the first instance, via email or telephone. Face to face business meetings are kept to a minimum and always combined with other business in the same location.

Office practices

  • We never print anything we do not need to.
  • Any redundant paper is cut in half, turned over and turned into a notepad for re-use.
  • We re-use all incoming packaging wherever possible.
  • Our own leaflets and packaging have been designed to minimise waste by creating artwork to fit to A-size output.
  • Where printing is unavoidable we use 100% recycled paper. Our printer is set to print on both sides and all ink cartridges are recycled.
  • All waste paper gets composted to help grow our own edible flowers.
  • We do not have a fax machine and discourage unwanted post where possible.
  • The lights are only turned on when it is dark.
  • Our computer is set to sleep as soon as it is inactive.
  • All future electronic devices will be purchased bearing in mind their energy efficiency and environmental merit.

Our Commitment

  • We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint and minimising waste. We are researching the use of vegetable based inks for printing, and hope to ensure that all our packaging is recycled.
  • Pursue relationships with like-minded, environmentally aware wholesalers and suppliers.
  • We will continue to review our practices and update our environmental policy whenever we can.