How to Make Sugared Petal Crush

Use petal crush to decorate cakes<a href=" pour”>Decorated cup cakeSugared petal crush made using Dianthus Parfait flowersMake beautifully decorated cakes or desserts by adding a little of your own sugared petal crush.

Separate the petals from the flowers.  Petals are easily removed by cutting the base of the flower head through the calyx (the part at the top of the stem which holds the petals together).  After cutting through the calyx you will find the petals fall away easily.

Ensure that the petals are dry to the touch before working with them.

Using a small,  clean paintbrush, paint the petals all over with egg whites, and then sprinkle the petals lightly on both sides with white caster sugar, which will stick to the egg whites.  It is best to work with one petal at a time, to avoid them curling up and becoming unworkable.

Make sure you cover the whole petal/flower as any part you miss will quickly wilt.

Dry overnight on greaseproof paper in a warm and dry place. Turn the petals the following day, and continue to turn periodically until fully dried.

Once your petals are dry they are ready to decorate and garnish all your favourite cakes and desserts.  You may use them whole, or crush them with your fingers to make a sweet tasting petal crush.   To ensure the crush sticks to your cakes, add it on top of icing which is still wet.

If you have too much petal crush, you can store it in a sealed jar in a cool dark place for a few weeks for later use.

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The photographs here show petal crush made using Dianthus Parfait Raspberry, Dianthus Parfait Strawberry and Dianthus Parfait Red Peppermint.  Other flowers that you could use include Blue Borage, Dianthus Arctic Fire, Dianthus Flashing Light, Wild Primrose, Cowslip, Viola Freckles and Viola Heartsease.