Calendula, Calypso Orange is easy to grow

Sow: March to May, or August to September

Flowers: May to September

Where:  In a sunny spot.  In flower beds, window boxes, containers, vegetable patch

How many seeds?  0.4g (average 45 seeds)

Also known as: Calendula officinalis, Pot Marigold

Calendula ‘Calypso Orange’

Calendula are a brightly coloured edible flowers with many culinary uses, including floral teas, decorating cheeses, to add to rice, salads, butters, oils and vinegars.  The edible petals have a slightly peppery flavour and may be eaten fresh, or dried to make ‘Poor Man’s Saffron’.  The young leaves are also edible and may be used as a salad leaf. Calendula are incredibly easy to grow and produce an abundance of flowers through spring and summer.  A very popular edible flower.

Seed & Recipe Packs include:-
Flower Seeds
Plant Label
Growing & Harvesting Instructions
Calendula Recipe Guide
4 x Edible Flower Recipe Cards

Refill Packs include:- Flower Seeds only


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