Chive Flowers and a happy bee

Sow: March to May

Flowers: Late spring to early autumn

Where:  Grow in a sunny spot.  In flower beds, borders, vegetable patches or containers

How many seeds?  0.4g (average 280 seeds)

Chive Flowers

Chive plants produce stunning onion flavoured edible flowers which are a beautiful bright purple ‘pom-pom’ made up of individual florets of tiny intense flavour.   A great edible flower which is really easy to grow, quick to flower and provides distinct flavour and colour to a wide range of savoury dishes.  If you cut back after flowering then you will usually get another smaller crop later in the year. Use as a garnish, in salads, to make flavoured oils, butters and vinegars or to add a lovely onion-flavour and colour to any of your favourite savoury dishes. A perennial, the chives leaves can also be used and the plants will last for several years.

Seed & Recipe Packs include:-

Edible Flower Pack includes:-
Chive Seeds
Growing & Harvesting Chive Instructions
Chive Flower Eating Guide
Chive Recipe Leaflet
Edible Flower Recipe Cards incl:
How to make oils and vinegars from edible flowers

Plant Label

Refill Packs include:-Flower Seeds only


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