Garlic Chives have delicate star-shaped flowers
Garlic Chive FlowersGarlic Chives just before the flowers emergeGarlic Chives have delicate star-shaped flowersGarlic ChivesFried egg on toast with garlic chive flowers and baked beansA Perfect for Pollinators flower

Sow: April or May

Flowers: May to September

Where:  In a sunny spot. Flower beds, borders, containers, vegetable patches

How many seeds?  0.5g (average 130 seeds)

Also known as: Allium tuberosum, Oriental Garlic, Chinese Chives, Chinese Leek

Garlic Chive Flowers

Garlic chives are a hardy perennial plant with edible flowers and stem leaves.  The round heads of tiny white star-shaped flowers look beautiful in any type of garden. The flat, grasslike leaves are most often used finely chopped to add to salads, or any savoury cooked meals, particularly sauces, soups, casseroles, butters, oils and vinegar.  The white flowers are attractive additions to the garden and can be added to any savoury dish for both flavour and visual interest.  Growing Garlic Chives is common in China, Japan and Korea where they often used in stir fries, soups and Chinese dumplings.

Presentation Pack includes:-
Garlic Chive Seed
Growing & Harvesting Garlic Chive Flower Instructions
Garlic Chive Flower Guide
Garlic Chive FlowerLeaflet
Edible Flower Recipe Cards incl:
How to make floral oils, vinegars and butters
How to make edible flower fritters
Plant Label

Refill Packs include:-Flower Seeds only



Additional Information

Growing Location

Indoors, Vegetable Gardens, Containers, Borders & beds, Small gardens

Growing Condition

Full sun, Part shade


Salads, Seasoning, Decoration & garnishes, Savoury cooking, Oils & vinegars

Sowing month

April, May

Flowering month

May, June, July, August, September





Suitable For..

Great for bees, Easy to grow

Type of packet

Seed & Recipe Pack, Seed Refill Pack

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