"Galaxy Rose" has vibrant colouring

Sow: June or July

Flowers: November to June

Where:  Sow in a sunny spot.  Ideal for smaller gardens, containers or window boxes.

How many seeds?  Average 15 seeds.

Also known as: Bellis perennis, English Daisy, Common Daisy, Lawn Daisy

Daisy ‘Galaxy Rose’

Daisies are easy to grow edible flowers which are suitable for any size garden.  ‘Galaxy Rose’ is a brightly coloured pink daisy which will flower the first autumn after sowing.  The edible petals are slightly nutty in flavour and, along with the young edible leaves, make pretty additions to wide variety of food and drink.   The petals are ideal for decorating cakes, adding to salads, making floral ices, or garnishing sweet and savoury foods.

Presentation Pack includes:-
Daisy Seed
Growing & Harvesting Daisy Instructions
Daisy Eating Guide
Daisy Recipe Leaflet
4 Additional Edible Flower Recipe Cards

Plant Label

Refill Packs include:-Flower Seeds only


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