edible flowers to sow in winter

Edible Flowers to Sow in Winter

A selection of edible flowers to sow in winter …

Seed & Recipe Collection includes:-
Flower Seeds x 5
Plant Label x 5
Growing & Harvesting Instructions x 5
Recipe Guide x 5
Selection of Edible Flower Recipe Cards

Refill Packs include:-Flower Seeds only x 5 packs

The following packets are included within this collection:

Pansy – more info
Cornflower•  – more info
Dianthus – more info
French Marigold – more info
Polyanthus – more info

If you are going to start off cornflowers early in pots then transplant as soon as the first few true leaves have formed. They are hardy but sulk if they are moved when they are too large.


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All our seed and recipe packs contain flower seeds to grow your own edible flowers, a detailed leaflet explaining how to sow and care for your flowers, recipe ideas to help you enjoy eating your flowers and a plant label so you can be certain you know which flowers in your garden are edible.

We advise everyone who is intending to buy, or consume, edible flowers to read the information in ‘Before you start

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