Mallow Zebrina

Sow: March or April

Flowers: June to September

Where:  In a sunny spot.  Ideal for borders, cottage gardens, wildlife gardens or large containers.

How many seeds?  Average 30 seeds

Also known as: Malva sylvestris, French Hollyhock, Tall Mallow, Common Mallow



Mallow ‘Zebrina’

Mallow ‘Zebrina’ is an easy to grow perennial which provides large pink and violet striped flowers with pretty lobed foliage, both of which are edible. It is a lovely tall traditional cottage garden flower which may be grown in borders or containers.  The flowers have a slightly nutty flavour and are beautiful when crystallised and used to decorate cakes and desserts.  They may also be added to salads, to decorate cheeses, or to make floral teas.  The leaves are commonly used as a thickening agent for those who prefer not to use gelatine.

Presentation Pack includes:-
Mallow Seed
Growing & Harvesting Mallow Instructions
Mallow Eating Guide
Mallow Recipe Leaflet
4 Additional Edible Flower Recipe Cards

Plant Label

Refill Packs include:-Flower Seeds only


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