The leaves and flowers of Mexican Tarragon are both edible

Sow: February to May

Flowers: June to October

Where:  Grow in a sunny spot.  In flower beds, borders, vegetable patches, containers or indoors.

How many seeds?  Average 150 seeds

Also known as: Sweet Mace, Winter Tarragon, Cloud Plant, Sweet Marigold, Mexican Marigold, Pericón, Mexican Mint Marigold, Spanish Tarragon, Cempaxóchitl, Yerba Anise, Texas Tarragon, False Tarragon, Hierba de Anis, Hierba de San Juan

Mexican Tarragon

Mexican tarragon is a beautiful, bright green half-hardy perennial herb which is often grown as a substitute for French tarragon. Despite being called ‘tarragon’ the plant is actually a member of the marigold family. The leaves have an anise-like flavour, with the plant producing small, flavoursome, bright yellow flowers. The plant is native to Mexico and Central America and, as such, is suitable for growing in warmer conditions such as indoors on a sunny windowsill, or in a greenhouse or conservatory.  Great for flavouring oils and vinegars and for adding distinct flavour to savoury dishes.

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Mexican Tarragon Seeds
Growing & Harvesting Mexican Tarragon Instructions
Mexican Tarragon Eating Guide
Mexican Tarragon Recipe Leaflet
Edible Flower Recipe Cards incl:
How to make edible flower butters
How to make floral vinegars
Plant Label

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