Delicious sweet purple pea flowers
Pea, Carouby de MaussanePea Flowers, Carouby de Maussane

Sow: March to June

Flowers: June to September

Where:  Grow in a sunny location. Ideal for climbing trellis, in flower borders, large containers or vegetable patches.

How many seeds?  22g (average 80 seeds)

Also known as: Pisum sativum, Sugar Snap, Mangetout, Snow Peas

Pea Flowers ‘Carouby de Maussane’

Pea ‘Carouby de Maussane’ is an easy to grow annual vegetable which produces sweet tasting edible pea shoots, purple flowers and crisp mangetout peas.  ‘Carouby de Maussane’ is a traditional pea variety which produces delicate purple and pink flowers which makes it a beautiful plant in its own right.  The flowers can be enjoyed in salads, as a pretty garnish in savoury dishes or even crystallised to decorate cakes and desserts.

Presentation Pack includes:-
Pea Seeds
Growing & Harvesting Pea Flower Instructions
Pea Flower Eating Guide
Pea FlowerRecipe Leaflet
Edible Flower Recipe Cards incl:
How to crystallise edible flowers
How to make floral ice bowls and cubes
Plant Label

Refill Packs include:-Flower Seeds only




Additional Information

Growing Location

Vegetable Gardens, Containers, Walls & fences, Borders & beds, Small gardens

Growing Condition

Full sun


Salads, Decoration & garnishes, Cakes & desserts, Savoury cooking

Sowing month

February, March, April, May, June

Flowering month

June, July, August, September


Savoury, Sweet, Delicate


Purple, Pink

Suitable For..

Easy to grow, Great for kids

Type of packet

Seed & Recipe Pack, Seed Refill Pack

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