Enorma has beautiful scarlet flowers
Runner Bean flowers are ornamental as well as deliciousrunners-smallRunner Bean EnormaRunners Beans can be grown in containersRunner Beans can be grown up canes or fences, or in containers

Sow: April to July

Flowers: June to August

Where:  Grow in full sun, up trellis or bamboo canes.  May be grown in large containers, vegetable patches or flower borders.

How many seeds?  Average 20 seeds

Also known as: Phaseolus coccineus, Scarlet Runner Bean

Runner Bean Flowers ‘Enorma’

Runner beans are tall, vining plants most often grown for their green seed pods.  However, many people do not realise that they may also eat the mature beans inside, which are delicious cooked in soups or stews, as well as the bright scarlet flowers which make a vibrant addition to many savoury dishes including salads and soups.  Runner Beans are a popular plant for the vegetable garden but can also make an extremely attractive edible plant for the ornamental garden.

Seed & Recipe Packs include:-
Flower Seeds
Plant Label
Growing & Harvesting Instructions
Runner Bean Flower Recipe Guide
4 x Edible Flower Recipe Cards

Refill Packs include:- Flower Seeds only




Additional Information

Growing Location

Vegetable Gardens, Containers, Walls & fences, Borders & beds, Small gardens

Growing Condition

Full sun, Part shade


Salads, Decoration & garnishes, Savoury cooking

Sowing month

April, May, June, July

Flowering month

June, July, August


Savoury, Delicate



Suitable For..

Great for bees, Easy to grow, Great for kids

Type of packet

Seed & Recipe Pack, Seed Refill Pack

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